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I have used every preset pack under the sun, only to be disappointed because they just weren't aligning with what I envisioned. They came with color casts I didn't like and required to much tweaking. I still find myself going back through some packs and fiddling, but I always end up back to here - The Epitome Profile.

Epitome is not your standard preset pack. As a matter of fact it's not a pack of presets and it's not exactly a "preset". It is a single Lightroom "profile". Which means you can control the intensity and add your own tweaks & flavor on top, as you see fit. Epitome is a true-to-life edit. No weird color shifts or color casts. At the same time, it is far from boring. Epitome will bring your photos and portfolio to life in all the right ways. In good light, it is as close to a one-click preset as I have ever used. That was the whole point behind this profile. To build something that would speed up my editing and give me a bold, clean, consistent look. Building this with portraits in mind - retaining great skin tone was top priority. Epitome is also incredibly versatile. You can use it on a wedding one day, and a portrait, family, or lifestyle session the next day.

One of my main gripes with presets is that they tend to mislead with their before and afters. With the "before" being a straight out of camera image. Leading you to believe in some magical transformation. A true before image has already been corrected for white balance and exposure. All examples are exact white balance and exposure "befores".


That said, all images below are TRUE before and afters with exact white balance and exposure "befores"

Before purchase: Note that these are desktop presets in XMP format and only work with Lightroom V7.3 and later. They have only been tested on raw photos.

What you get in the pack:

Epitome - A true to life profile that packs a punch

Vibrance - To add some punch to your colors

Grain - To add some texture to your frames

Warm up - A subtle touch of warmth

These are .xmp files and will only work with Lightroom V 7.3 and later. 

Most presets come with an "all sales are final" commitment. I think that's bull. I'm so confident you can make Epitome work for you, I'm offering a 7 day money back guarantee. Use Epitome for up to a week and if they just aren't working for you, shoot me an email and I will issue you a full refund.

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