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Steve is a Massachusetts based wedding and portrait photographer.

He has grown particularly fond of photographing weddings along the Rhode Island Coast, Cape Cod, Boston, and the mansions and estates, throughout New England.


Steve is an avid golfer and vigorous worker. In his spare time you can find him brushing up on some guitar chords, staying active, or spending time with his wife Jes and their two children; Shane and Aubrey.


After 15 years as a commercial electrician - Steve started taking his passion for photography more seriously, and the rest is history. Now with 6 years and over 150 weddings under his belt to date, Steve has poured his heart and soul into becoming one of New England's foremost wedding photographers.


Learn more about Steve and his philosophy below.

A Note From The Artist
AKA, you guessed it — Steve Michalak

Like many, my gateway into wedding photography was a bit of an unexpected one. Visual story-telling had always caught my attention. But my inspiration to take my photography more seriously came with the rise of social media and introduction to some of my favorite creators.​

Though the work I do is quite different from my original inspirations, my intention remains the same: use my lens, creative vision, and expertise as an outlet to bring stories to life.

There isn't much about weddings not to love — the better-than-Hollywood relationships, the curated fashion, stunning locations, families coming together, food, drinks, dance — and so much more. Wedding photography means being a photojournalist, landscape, product, and portrait  photographer all wrapped up into one. There’s so much artistic variety and for me that’s something that always keeps the job fresh.

Posing? More Like Elegant + Easygoing.
My philosophy

I will take advantage of our surroundings no matter what your wedding day throws at us; there’s no situation I can’t quickly adapt to. I will encourage you to chase down a glorious sunset with your partner. I will find the most sublime light and the perfect backdrop at our disposal. I will make sure you feel natural, at ease, and look like your best possible self in front of my camera. I will NOT force you into poses that don’t feel like you — if something is off, I will make a subtle adjustment without pulling you out of the moment. 


I will direct you and your loved ones throughout the entire photo-taking process, striking a balance between candid and classic. I will not make a production out of your wedding day, overpowering scenes with artificial lighting setups. I will tactfully add in flash when necessary in those tricky lighting situations weddings often throw at us. I will not micromanage your day. I will make suggestions based on my professional experience and it will always be in your best interest. I will not over-process your images or give in to trendy filters. I will make sure you have a collection of timeless images that outlast any trend.

What to expect from me


Wedding photography is a delicate craft. It requires a keen eye and a dynamic personality. Have no doubts you have hired a professional. Your experience means everything to me and I will always go the extra mile for you.

I can't wait to hear from you, and what you're envisioning for this glorious party.

"I knew immediately we made the best decision by booking"

"I just wanted to reach out to say how incredible you were. Your professionalism is outstanding! Everyone has been raving about you."

"Steve captured the moments I wanted and the moments I didn’t even know happened"

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